The moving and stirring sound of the pipes adds to the dignity and poignancy of a funeral or memorial service. A lone piper (or small group if appropriate) can play at one or all the following key moments the funeral:

  • as mourners arrive
  • as the hearse/casket arrives at/enters the venue
  • as a tribute during the service
  • as the casket is taken from the venue or is lowered in cremation
  • as the hearse leaves the venue
  • leading the hearse/casket to the grave site
  • as the casket is lowered
  • at the end of proceedings as mourners leave or place floral tributes
We can select tunes to suit the occasion. Some commonly requested/suitable funeral tunes are Highland Cathedral, Flowers of the Forest, Flower of Scotland, Abide with Me, Amazing Grace, Mist Covered Mountains, Mull of Kintyre, My Home, Going Home, Oft in the Stilly Night, Rock of Ages, Scotland the Brave, Skye Boat Song, Water is Wide. A general list of pipe tunes can be found here.
(Please note that not all modern tunes can be played on the bagpipes due to its limited note range … please ask us if you have a particular tune in mind.)