Planning your event

A piper adds a touch to an event that no other instrument can rival. It can stir you to tears one minute, yet have you tapping your toes and clapping along the next…we regularly see both at our gigs! Many people like to add a surprise element to their event by hiring a piper without the guest/s of honour’s knowledge…a never-forgotten moment when the skirl of the pipes reaches their ears!

For specific wedding and funeral information, please choose from the drop-down menu found by hovering over the ‘Planning your Event’ tab above or click here for weddings or here for funeral information. Please use the Contact Us form for enquiries or bookings.

Some points to bear in mind

  • the bagpipe is an instrument that only has one volume. We can position ourselves away from proceedings when background music is required, but cannot play ‘softer’.
  • some venues may have restrictions regarding pipers. Please check with the venue to avoid disappointment.