Will the piper be in Scottish attire?

Yes. the piper wears Highland dress – black vest, black Argyle jacket if appropriate, tartan kilt, black brogues, glengarry etc .If you require the piper to wear a specific family tartan, we can hire it for an additional charge.

Can modern tunes be played on the bagpipes?

Some modern tunes have been adapted for pipes, but some can’t be due to the limited range of a bagpipe (only 9 note range). Please ask if you have a particular tune in mind. We can adapt it or tell you if it will sound awful on pipes! Some examples of tunes adapted are ‘Annie’s Song’, ‘You Raise Me Up’, and ‘You’re the Voice.’

Is it necesssary for the piper to attend a rehearsal?

Not usually. Pipers are experienced with the various formats at ceremonies, and fit in accordingly. Also, we thoroughly go through via email etc what your wishes are for each part of the ceremony that the piper is involved in. This works very well, but are happy to attend a rehearsal for an additional fee if notified well ahead of time.

How do I go about hiring a piper?

The first step is to request a quote, or check if our piper/s are available on the date of your event. via the ‘Contact/Quote’ form here or at the top of the page. We will get back to you, and if you’d like to go ahead with a booking, will email a booking form to you. You then return the form and pay a deposit to confirm your booking. If you are unsure how to include a piper in your special day or don’t know any specific tunes to play, we can advise or choose appropriately.